Boulder City Inguinal Hernia Repair

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Boulder City Inguinal Hernia Repair

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Dr. Chanu Dasari

Top Inguinal Hernia Repair Treatment in Boulder City.

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General Surgeon Dr. Chanu Dasari

Dr. Chanu Dasari

Top Inguinal Hernia Repair Treatment in Boulder City.

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Dr. Chanu Dasari

Top Inguinal Hernia Repair Treatment in Boulder City.

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What is an Inguinal Hernia?

An inguinal hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes through a weak spot in a surrounding muscle or connective tissue. This debilitating condition results in severe pain, and discomfort with coughing, straining, bending over or lifting heavy objects. Various procedures such as inguinal hernia repair are compulsory to prevent the serious complications of a strangulated hernia. Boulder City hernia repair specialist Dr. Chanu Dasari is an expert in the evaluation and management of inguinal hernias. Affiliated with Boulder City hospital, Dr. Dasari has performed numerous complex surgeries of hernia repair with exceptional success.

Inguinal Hernia Signs & Symptoms

An inguinal hernia can be diagnosed simply by the external appearance. A bulge along the pubic or groin area that increases in size when you stand up or cough is a key indicator of an inguinal hernia. The swollen area may be painful or sensitive to the touch.

Common signs and symptoms of inguinal hernias include:

  • A rounded swelling that is reduced when pressure is applied
  • Increase in size with coughing and standing upright
  • Pain with activity and straining
  • A burning or aching sensation
  • A heavy sensation in your groin

In males, pain and swelling may occur around the testicles when the protruding intestinal loop descends into the scrotum.

Warning signs necessitating emergency treatment include:

  • Sudden onset severe pain
  • Discoloration
  • High fever
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Change in bowel movements
  • Inability to pass gases

When Is it Time to Visit a Boulder City Inguinal Hernia Repair Specialist?

Inguinal hernia is a common, curable condition that should be treated at their onset. An untreated inguinal hernia can lead to a strangulated hernia, which can have fatal consequences. A physical exam or laparoscopy is usually sufficient for receiving an accurate diagnosis. It is important to see an inguinal hernia repair specialist in Boulder City if you have recently experienced the above symptoms to prevent life-threatening complications.

Options for Inguinal Hernia Repair in Boulder City

Surgical management is a common treatment option for inguinal hernias, though less severe hernias can be repaired with a simple laparoscopy. Either form of inguinal hernia repair is a common and highly successful procedure when performed by an experienced surgeon. There is little risk for complications, and your health can be preserved without the consequences of avoiding treatment. Most of the serious complications of inguinal hernia are preventable at early stages with prompt assessment, early diagnosis, and precise treatment. As a reputable hernia repair specialist in Boulder city, Dr. Dasari is adept in the diagnosis and treatment of inguinal hernias and offers high quality minimally invasive surgical treatment.

Boulder City Pilonidal Cyst Specialist Dr. Chanu Dasari

If you feel that you may be experiencing the symptoms of an inguinal hernia, it is important to visit a hernia repair specialist. Dr. Dasari is a highly successful hernia repair specialist in Boulder city and has served the community of Las Vegas with outstanding surgical care for almost a decade. He is committed to providing top quality care to all of his patients so that they can lead a full, healthy life. Contact his clinic, Minimally Invasive Surgery, for a consultation at (702) 602-6600 today.


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Dr. Dasari is board-certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties, American College of Surgeons, and is a qualified, licensed medical practitioner by the National Board of Medical Examiners and Federation of State Medical Boards. Dr. Dasari provides unparalleled expertise in minimally-invasive treatment options for digestive disease, chronic inflammation, and cancer.


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