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What is a hernia?

When an internal organ such as part of the stomach or intestine bulges through your skin this condition is known as a hernia. Hernias usually appear unexpectedly after straining weak muscles in the abdomen or groin. Around 5 million Americans form a hernia each year according to the Cleveland Clinic. In order for a hernia to be fully fixed, a minimally invasive surgery is necessary. Below you will learn the costs for hernia surgery.

Hernia surgery cost

Hernias of the groin are considered inguinal hernias and makeup about 70% of the hernias that occur in a year. Dr. Dasari corrects the hernia through minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. The no-insurance surgery price for inguinal hernia operation is $5800 for one side and $7800 for two sides. With insurance, patients can expect to pay the common deductibles and coinsurance rates. You can always contact our caring staff to help you learn more about your insurance deductibles and rates for an inguinal hernia repair treatment.

Other common hernias that can occur in the abdomen are called umbilical hernias and ventral hernias. The hernia surgery cost for a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for both umbilical hernias & ventral hernias (also known as incisional hernias) is $4800. A patient with insurance can contact our caring staff to learn more about the insurance deductibles for their procedure.

What is included in the minimally invasive hernia repair treatment?

Laparoscopic surgical treatment of a hernia consists of three small incisions made near the location of the hernia. Dr. Dasari uses a tube-like camera to view the hernia inside the body before making the proper repairs to the damaged tissue.

Recovery can take a few hours after the treatment is done at the hospital or outpatient surgery center. In certain cases, longer recovery can be necessary. Patients relax and receive intravenous fluids during their recovery time.

What else can be expected from your treatment?

Dr. Dasari’s patients recovering from a hernia repair operation may be prescribed pain medication when leaving the hospital or surgery center. The majority of patients will not need physical rehabilitation services after a minimally invasive hernia repair surgery, but time off may be required. Dr. Dasari may recommend a week before returning to light office work and about two weeks or more for manual labor jobs for patients who’ve undergone laparoscopic surgery.

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