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Dr. Chanu Dasari

Centennial Hills Top Lupus Specialst.

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General Surgeon Dr. Chanu Dasari

Dr. Chanu Dasari

Centennial Hills Top Lupus Specialst.

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Dr. Chanu Dasari

Centennial Hills Top Lupus Specialst.

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What Are Breast Cysts?

Breast Cysts are benign, fluid-filled, round, or oval sacs within the breasts. They are often felt as a round, movable lump with distinct edges, which might be tender to touch. They are mostly unilateral, but can occur bilaterally with a firm consistency. Centennial Hills top breast surgeon Dr. Chanu Dasari is experienced in diagnosing breast cysts and provides cutting-edge minimally invasive breast treatments. Affiliated with Centennial Hills Hospital, Dr. Dasari has served the people of Centennial Hills for many years and performed numerous complex surgeries with exemplary results.

Breast Cyst Signs & Symptoms

Breast cysts can occur in one or both breasts. Signs and symptoms of a breast cyst include:

  • A smooth, easily movable lump with distinct edges
  • Breast pain or tenderness around the lump
  • Nipple discharge that may be clear, yellow, straw colored or dark brown
  • Increase in breast lump size and breast tenderness just before your period
  • Decrease in breast lump size and resolution of other symptoms after your period

Quality In-Patient | Outpatient Surgical Care: Centennial Hills Hospital

Centennial Hills Hospital is a top medical facility in Centennial Hills offering high standard in-patient and out-patient surgical care. At Centennial Hills Hospital, Dr. Dasari performs cutting-edge minimally invasive treatments of breast cysts and provides precise evaluation into abnormal scans at his Henderson clinic. Dr. Dasari is one of the highest-rated general surgeon in Las Vegas.

When Is It Time to Visit a Breast Specialist in Centennial Hills?

A Breast cyst is a benign tissue growth. On some occasions, it can progress to a spreading tumor. It is important to see a breast specialist in Centennial Hills right away if you feel any breast lumps that persist after a menstrual period, or if an existing breast lump grows or changes in consistency. Regular self-inspection is the key to the early detection of breast cyst.

Breast Cyst Treatment Options

There are various treatment options for breast cysts. Surgical treatment includes lumpectomy which is the removal of the lump and mastectomy which is the removal of the breast tissue. As an experienced breast specialist in Centennial Hills, Dr. Dasari is an expert in the evaluation of breast cysts and offers top minimally invasive surgical treatments.

At Dr. Chanu Dasari’s clinic

Upon a visit to the clinic, Dr. Dasari will review your medical history. This includes your demographics, duration of symptoms, and their relation to your menstrual cycle, past medical and surgical history, and family history of breast diseases.

As an esteemed breast surgeon, Dr. Dasari is able to identify the distinct signs & symptoms of breast cysts. After physically examining his patients, Dr. Dasari is able to identify the definite cause. To have more clarity on the disease, he may suggest additional tests. These include blood profiles for infection, mammograms, ultrasound, MRI and biopsy. Most of the serious conditions of breasts are preventable at early stages with prompt assessment, early diagnosis, and precise treatment.

If you feel symptoms, perform a personal inspection, and schedule an appointment with your nearest breast specialist. Dr. Dasari is a top breast surgeon in Centennial Hills and has served the community of Las Vegas with top minimally invasive surgical care.


Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Chanu Dasari

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Chanu Dasari

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Dr. Dasari is board-certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties, American College of Surgeons, and is a qualified, licensed medical practitioner by the National Board of Medical Examiners and Federation of State Medical Boards. Dr. Dasari provides unparalleled expertise in minimally-invasive treatment options for digestive disease, chronic inflammation, and cancer.


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