Sebaceous Cyst

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Sebaceous Cyst

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Dr. Chanu Dasari

Understanding Sebaceous Cysts.

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Dr. Chanu Dasari

Understanding Sebaceous Cysts.

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Dr. Chanu Dasari

Understanding Sebaceous Cysts.

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What is Sebaceous Cyst?

Sebaceous cysts are common benign cysts of the skin, containing liquid or semi-liquid material. These cysts develop as a result of dysfunction of your sebaceous glands, when the gland or its ducts become disrupted or blocked. This frequently occurs due to a trauma to the skin’s surface. A small non-infected cyst is typically painless and slow growing. Experienced sebaceous cyst removal specialist, Dr. Chanu Dasari can precisely identify sebaceous cysts and offer top quality minimally invasive treatments. Over the years, Dr. Dasari has treated numerous complex cysts with extraordinary success rates.

Sebaceous Cyst Signs & Symptoms

Signs and symptoms depend on the size of sebaceous cyst, superimposed infection and affected skin region. A small, non-infected, painless sebaceous cyst may not be noticeable.

Common signs and symptoms of sebaceous cyst include:

  • Small, soft, round bump under the skin, usually on the face, scalp, ear, trunk or groin
  • Foul smelling grayish-white discharge from the cyst
  • Pain and tenderness with inflamed or infected cysts
  • Swelling and redness in the surrounding area
  • High Fever

When it’s Time to Visit a Sebaceous Cyst Specialist

A sebaceous cyst occurs as a benign, painless skin condition, but can swiftly become infected and painful. The cyst must be properly treated or surgically removed for relief of symptoms, prevention of infectious complications and recurrence.

Occasionally, a sebaceous cyst can become cancerous. It is important to see a sebaceous cyst removal specialist right away if you notice the following unusual and possibly cancerous signs.

  • A rapidly growing cyst with a diameter more than 5cm.
  • Swift recurrence after surgical removal
  • Infectious cysts; red, warm skin area with pus drainage or a fever


Meanwhile refrain from popping your cyst. Your doctor is able to take care of your cyst with the least risk of infection and scarring.

Options for Sebaceous Cyst Removal

Your doctor can treat a cyst by draining it or by surgically removing it. Benign cysts are frequently removed for cosmetic reasons. The best treatment option for sebaceous cysts involves the removal of cyst with an excision or incision procedure, along with removal of cyst wall through a surgical opening. If the cyst wall remains intact, the cyst may recur. Minimally invasive surgery is recommended for reduced scarring.

Incision and drainage causes minimal scarring but carries a risk that the cyst will return. I&D is performed for inflamed cysts. Infected cysts usually require complete removal.

Conventional wide excision completely removes a cyst but can leave a scar.

Minimal excision removes components of the cyst with an aim to minimize scarring and prevent reoccurrence.

Experienced Sebaceous Cyst Removal Specialist Dr. Chanu Dasari

As an esteemed surgeon in Las Vegas, Dr. Dasari performs meticulous sebaceous cyst removal procedures. Most of the serious complications of sebaceous cysts are preventable at early stages with prompt assessment, early diagnosis, and precise treatment.

If you experience any of the symptoms above, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dasari at his Henderson clinic today! You can call his clinic at (702) 602-6600 for a consultation.


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Dr. Dasari is board-certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties, American College of Surgeons, and is a qualified, licensed medical practitioner by the National Board of Medical Examiners and Federation of State Medical Boards. Dr. Dasari provides unparalleled expertise in minimally-invasive treatment options for digestive disease, chronic inflammation, and cancer.


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