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Dr. Chanu Dasari

Understanding Constipation.

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Dr. Chanu Dasari

Understanding Constipation.

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Dr. Chanu Dasari

Understanding Constipation.

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When your bowel movements become less frequent and challenging to pass, you may be suffering from constipation. It can occur during changes to diet or the inadequate intake of fiber. It’s important to schedule an appointment with a gastrointestinal specialist if you are suffering severe pain from constipation.

Other key symptoms that define constipation are:

  • Your stool becomes dry and hard.
  • You feel uncomfortable when your bowels are not emptied.
  • Your bowel movement is painful, making it difficult for the stools to pass.

How Is Constipation So Common?

Constipation is one of the most frequent gastrointestinal complaints patients have. This typically occurs because of:

  • Older age​– Older individuals have a slower metabolism along with less muscle strength as they remain inactive or less active than young people.
  • Not enough fiber​- If you are not eating enough high-fiber foods, you can be prone to

What Are the Symptoms of Constipation?

The symptoms of constipation include:

  • Your stools become dry, hard, and lumpy.
  • Fewer bowel movements in a week.
  • You feel bloated and nauseous.
  • You suffer from stomach aches or cramps.
  • Your stool becomes difficult and painful to pass.

Does Constipation Lead to Other Health Problems?

Some complications can arise due to hard and irregular bowel movements. Few of the issues can be:

  • Swollen and inflamed veins in your rectum (the condition is also known as hemorrhoids).
  • When you pile-up too much stool, the condition is called fecal impaction.
  • The damages can affect the pelvic floor muscles. When you strain for too long, you can cause urine to leak from the bladder. This condition is known as the stress urinary incontinence.

What Are the Common Causes of Constipation?

Some of the common causes of constipation are:

Lack of fiber in the diet

If you are among those who avoid fiber in their diets, the chances of experiencing constipation is high.

Fiber helps with regular movement of the bowel when a person combines it with proper hydration.

High-fiber foods include:

  • Vegetable and fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts, chickpeas, and other legumes

Physical inactivity

If you are not physically active, you may suffer from constipation. People who spend various days or weeks in bed or sitting on a chair have a higher risk for constipation.


When people become older, the prevalence of constipation increases. When an older individual intakes food; it sometimes can take longer to pass through the digestive tract.

Constipation Treatment in Henderson

If you are suffering from constipation or the underlying symptoms of constipation, schedule you appointment with Dr. Chanu Dasari in his Henderson clinic. Dr. Dasari is a digestive health specialist serving the community of Las Vegas and Henderson.


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Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Chanu Dasari

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Dr. Dasari is board-certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties, American College of Surgeons, and is a qualified, licensed medical practitioner by the National Board of Medical Examiners and Federation of State Medical Boards. Dr. Dasari provides unparalleled expertise in minimally-invasive treatment options for digestive disease, chronic inflammation, and cancer.


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